2018 - 2019 Chromebook 1:1 Initiative

RMS 1:1 Chromebook Distribution Session - Required Forms (please print, complete, sign and bring to Distribution Session) 

2017-2018 Chromebook Damage/Repair Statistics with 7th/8th Grade Students

  • Top 2 types of student fault Chromebook damage (10 cracked LCD screens and 5 damaged keyboards).
  • Most unique student fault Chromebook damage - Screen hinge was torn out of framework and screen.
  • Most minor issue students accidentally switching US keyboard format to the international keyboard.  
  • 30 out of 163 students had at least 1 incident of student fault Chromebook damage.
  • 1 students had 2 incidents of student fault Chromebook damage.  
  • 8 students opted to leave their Chromebook at school. 

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